Lake Morey was once known as Fairlee Pond and was renamed after Samuel Morey who in 1795 was awarded a patent for the first paddle-wheeled steamboat built in his workshop adjacent to the lake.  The first seasonal cottages sprung up along the shores of Lake Morey in the 1800s followed by inns and camps.  Our guided pontoon tour of the lake will highlight the historical camps and cottages remaining along the shores.  For a change in perspective, borrow a resort road bike and peddle around the lake for a new view of the changing landscape and capture the local character with views of the cottages hidden in the hillsides.  

Jump into the clear pristine water of Lake Morey for a quick swim, play on a paddle board or tour the lake in one of our kayaks or canoes, each available from our boathouse along the lakefront of the resort.  Those wanting a bit more speed and thrill can rent our speedboat with our licensed driver for an opportunity to waterski, wakeboard or tube – rentals available by the half-hour and hour and include basic instructions – reservations made at the Front Desk or at the boathouse on the lakefront.  

A network of organizations and volunteers help preserve the beauty and serenity we enjoy in and around Lake Morey.  Through the efforts of the Lake Morey Foundation, Friends of Fairlee Forests, Lake Morey Protection Association, Cross Rivendell Trails Association and the Upper Valley Trails Alliance our guests continue to gain access to extensive networks of well-maintained trails throughout the hillsides surrounding the lake.  After stopping by our Front Desk for a map of the area trail networks, venture into the steep hillsides in the lookout for waterfalls and birds-of-prey or join a guided hike of the Palisade Trail as part of our scheduled resort activities throughout the summer.