You have reached a point where you want to meet in person with your team.  Conference Zoom meetings and endless one-on-one Zoom calls to your individual team members has reached a crescendo.  We understand that it can be hard to replace that in-person collaboration of ideas, that spark of energy from our social interactions, and that personal connection from a shared experience.  Our team at Lake Morey Resort has been finetuning our approach to safe in-person meetings throughout the summer; taking our generations of experience bringing people together to create a better, safer meeting environment for you and your team.

First and foremost, social distancing remains top priority.  Our variety of large conference rooms lend themselves perfectly for spreading out in U-shape or conference style setups, where everyone can see each other, share ideas face-to-face, while still maintaining a six-foot apart (known in Vermont as the cow distance).  Need a hybrid meeting space if a few team members cannot join you in-person – we still have all the same meeting room support with projectors and screens available in all meeting spaces, plus free wifi throughout the resort.  Along with our numerous indoor options, our options for outdoor space is also perfect for spreading out in smaller pods for projects and discussion groups. 

Second to spatial awareness is our food and beverage component.  Vermont has deemed self-serve beverage stations safe; so you can continue to have all-day coffee, although we will have plenty of hand sanitizers and wipes close by for your comfort.  We offer several delicious morning options, both hot and cold, all of which will be either plated separately and served by our masked and gloved staff to your meeting attendees.  When your group is ready for lunch, based on your budget, options can include plated one-choice banquet lunches or attendees can pre-select from our larger lunch menu.  We will serve your group in our large Lakefront Dining room with gorgeous lake views.  The dining room is perfect for social distancing, plus in warm weather your group is welcome to step outside and enjoy lunch on the Lakefront Patio.

Third, we will help you provide those shared experiences to your group meeting with safe activities curated to bring the members of your team together while getting them out in nature.  Hikes and biking are a great way to breathe in the fresh air while developing comradery among colleagues.  A friendly game of golf will have your team putting down the spreadsheets and gaining a fresh perspective while connecting on a different playing field.  Enjoying a paddle around the lake in our canoes or kayaks is not only relaxing but can get your team’s creative juices flowing.

No matter your team’s objectives, meeting face-to-face has always been a very successful means of creating a sense of community and accomplishing goals.  We will help you get there.  Lake Morey Resort will take care of the safety details so you can focus on the successes of your team.