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green trees


  • Length: 2.3 miles (round trip)
  • Difficulty: Moderate – the trail climbs steeply and ends at a cliff overlook, but is short
  • Location: Fairlee, VT
  • Distance from Lake Morey Resort: <1 mile
  • What it’s like: The trail climbs steeply from the 1-91S off ramp along a wooded ridge. After about half a mile, you will come to a short clearing (where the telephone lines cut through the trees) and catch a glimpse of the views to come. The trail then ducks back into the woods, rolling for the remainder of the hike and ending in a cliff overlook with panoramic views of the Connecticut River Valley. Be aware – there are peregrine falcon nests on this ridge that cause certain areas of the cliff at the trail terminus to be closed off from March 15-August 1.

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  • How to get there from here: From the resort parking lot, you can either walk or drive the <1/2 mile to the Fairlee Fire Station (left out of the resort; right at the intersection of Clubhouse and Lake Morey roads; on the corner before turning toward 1-91. Head toward the back right side of the parking lot (there is a kiosk here) and continue past the fence that separates the fire station from the 1-91S off ramp. Follow the treeline until you see the trail cut into the woods on the left