Skating FAQs

Can we skate if we are not staying at the resort?

Yes! The lake is public access and any one can access the lake.

How much does it cost to skate?

Use of the lake is free! Overnight guests have access to complimentary skate rentals and rentals are open to the public for a small fee. Donations are accepted for ice maintenance if you would to contibute for use of the ice. 

Do you rent skates?

Yes! Rentals are open when the ice is in skating condition. Open to guests at 9am and Public at 10am, all skates and winter sports equipment must be returned by 4:45pm. View rates, sizes and equipment lists on the Rentals Page. Fill out the waiver before your arrival to save time. 

Where do we rent skates?

The Morey Room is through the main entrance of the hotel, just past the front desk. If you do not need rentals, you can head straight to the ice. 

What time does Rentals close?

All rentals must be returned by 4:45pm and the last rentals go out at 4pm. 

When does the lake freeze?

Many variables are at play, including temperatures, snow/precipitation, wind and water currents. It can require two or three weeks of consistent freezing temperatures. We are unable to predict when the formula will be just right to allow groups and equipment on the ice - historically it has been Mid January, but weather patterns are changing. Keep an eye on the Ice Report for updates. 

Why is skating closed when there are warm temperatures?

In order for a skate to glide, the ice must be firm. The freezing level of water is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When temperature are above freezing, the ice becomes soft and skates will sink into the surface rather than glide. This will also cause imprints in the ice and when cold temperatures return, the ice will be left with frozen tracks rather than a smooth surface. 

What do you do for ice maintenance?

If the ice is atleast 6 inches deep, we push snow to remove it from the trail and rinks, as well as use a brusher to clear snow. We can not use heavy snow removal equipment or smoothing zambonis unless the ice is atleast 12 inches deep.

When will new snow be cleared from the ice?

We typically begin removing snow once the snow stops falling, if the depth of the ice allows heavy snow removal equipment on the lake. Keep an eye on the Webcam for real time updates. 

When is skating over for the season?

We will maintain the ice and rent equipment as long as the ice allows. Typically by the end of February the strengthening sun and warming temperatures means skating season is coming to an end. 

Are dogs allowed on the ice?

The resort welcomes registered service animals only, but the lake is public access and the Fairlee Town Dog Ordinance is in affect.

What is the largest sized skate that you have?

We have Hockey skates upto a men's size 13. See a full list of rental options and size on our Rental Page

What is the smallest sized skate that you have?

We have Hockey and Figure skates starting at a youth size 12. 

Do we sharpen skates?

Our Skate Rentals team can sharper hockey and figure skates when they are open. Check the Rentals page for rates. 

Where do I park?

Parking is free on a first come first serve basis, at the resort and clubhouse. Overflow parking is available in the field at the corner of Clubhouse Rd and Lake Morey East Rd. 

How do I get to the lake?

Walk around the west side of the hotel (lookers left) to the shore of the lake. 

Are there Public Restrooms?

Yes, the resort offers restrooms in the lobby. 

Where can I get water?

We have a water bottle filler by the ice machine in the lobby. The Gift Shop also sells water, soda and snacks. 

Is there a place for me to put on my skates?

Yes, we offer benches on the shore in front of the resort. Please do not wear skates in the resort. 

Are there lockers for my belongings?

No, unfortunately we do not have public lockers. You are welcome to store your belongings under the benches, but we can not be responsible for lost or stolen belongings. 

What time can I skate?

The lake is open at all times to the public. 

Are there lights on the trail?

There is no lighting on the lake. 

Can I play hockey?

Yes! We clear rinks in front of the resort and offer wooden goals. 

Is there a place for lunch?

We offer lunch in the Steamboat Lounge on weekends and vacation weeks during skate season. It is open to the public and no reservations are required. The Lounge is in the Lobby perched with views of the lake. 

Is there somewhere to work remotely while my family skates?

Yes, you are welcome to get cozy in our Lobby or Steamboat Lounge where we offer free Wi-Fi. 

Do you offer lessons?

Unfortunately, we do not offer lessons. 

What do you have for beginners?

We offer Kicksparks, a nordic stand behind sled. They are used with boots and yaktraks. We also recommend milk crates or folding chairs to assist with balance. We do not offer these, but they are welcome on the ice. 

What is the difference between a Hockey, Figure and Nordic Skate?

  • Nordic Skates are warmer, more comfortable, and more forgiving than hockey/figure skates.  A steel blade under an aluminum platform with skate ski bindings, a free heel and longer blades are better for going faster and smoothing out rough ice.

Shorter blades are better for agility and turning.

  • A Hockey Skate has a rigid boot typically made of a synthetic material—plastic, for example—and is designed to protect the feet from the hard puck, from hockey sticks, and from other players' skates. The blade is rounded upward at the front and in the rear, and thus has more rocker than a figure skate blade making it more maneuverable and easier to turn. The skate's lighter weight allows players to skate fast, stop on a dime, and change direction
  • A Figure Skate has a toe pick at the front of the blade that distinguishes it from a hockey skate blade. A figure skater plants the toe pick into the ice to launch jumps or to execute a pivot. A longer blade allows the figure skater to carve graceful arcs and perfect lines. Its boot is tight enough to support the ankle, but pliant enough for the skater to achieve the jumps and contortions figure skating demands. The Lake Morey rental figure skates have a synthetic material boot.