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Pond Hockey Rinks


Camp Haggis Winter Weekend

Fri 01/19 – 01/22

event_camp-haggis-2024.jpgEnter the Haggis is a Canadian Celtic rock band that was formed in Toronto in 1996. The band is known for its energetic and upbeat sound, which combines traditional Celtic music with elements of rock, folk, and world music. 

Camp Haggis features full concerts everynight, lots of activities and fun opportunities to get to know your fellow campers. Enjoy Snowshoeing, skating, hockey, movie nights, campfire jams, gourmet food and luxury accommodations.





Buy Your Passes
  • All Access Weekend Pass | Friday - Monday
    • Access all shows and special events the whole weekend. This pass includes three dinners, three breakfasts, and is the best way to experience the getaway without missing out on any of the insanity. 
    • $399
  • Two Night Pass | Saturday - Monday
    • Two dinners, two shows, two breakfasts, and access to all activities at the Camp from Saturday through Monday. Please select your chosen check-in and check-out option.
    • $299


Tickets do not include accommodations


Book Your Stay
    • Follow the directions in your Pass confirmation email to book your room at the Camp Haggis Discounted Rate. 
    • Call 802-333-4311 to book