Golf: Mon Night Quota League

Mon 08/28 5PM

Monday Night Quota League: Quota Participants Only

  • 5pm Shotgun
  • The league will consist of two person teams that will compete in a head to head match on Monday nights.
  • Each team member must have an established handicap before the league start date,
  • However, after the third week of play each member of the league will have their own league handicap (that canchange weekly) which will be independent from their official World Handicap index.
  • Following the last round of league play there will be a banquet (that will include food) in which prizes will be awarded along with the crowning of the League Champion.
  • For the new leaguers we will base your quota on your handicap the first three weeks then average your first 3 quota scores to determine your league quota from there on out.   
  • We rotate front 9 and back 9 week to week.
  • Format: 9-hole overall Quota head-to-head (total points not match play). 3 points available each
  • week.
  •  A vs. A
  •  B vs. B
  •  Team vs Team
  • After established league handicap (3 round average) Target score= number of points needed (for
  • each individual)
  • -if +1 or -1 of your target number then no change the following week
  • -If -2 or worse on target score your target number will go down by 1 the following week.
  • -If +2 or better on target score your target number will increase by 2 the following week.
  • Max number of points is 24