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Tuck's Rock Dojo Music Fest

Sat 06/29 3PM – 10PM
event_tucks-new-logo.pngTuck's Rock Dojo and Catamount Film and Arts teamed up to organize an amazingly big Music Fest




Music Fest
  • The Tuck’s Rock Dojo Music Fest is celebrating 15 years of the music school and all are invited.
  • Dojo alumni will be performing, coming from Philadelphia, Montreal, Arizona, New Orleans
  • Introducing the Dojo All Stars Band: A 25 member band made up of outstanding dojo musicians from the past 15 years
  • Brooks Hubbard, Hans Williams, Shy Husky, Grace Tecca, Clementina Siri, Cade Earick, Fleeting Colours, Rugby & Looking for Frogs
  • A day of Youth powered live music mobilizing around 100 performers from across the country
Family Friendly
  • Face painting, bubbles, juggling & lawn games
  • Fire Spinner Performance!
  • Treasure Hunt Giveaways with prizes from Upper Valley Aquatic Center, Whaleback, Dan & Whit's and John Mann's Guitar Vault
Lake Front & Front Lawn Stages



  • Free Parking in the Field at Clubhouse Rd x Lake Morey Rd East. Please Carpool
  • Bring a chair or blanket
  • Please no coolers, personal alcohol or dogs.


Tuck's Rock Dojo is Celebrating 15 Years!

Over the past 15 years, Tuck has helped over 200 kids & adults be part of a band that plays the songs they love. The music lessons often turned into friendships and unforgettable adventures. Tuck and Kata have created a community that comes together year after year to jam and feel at home at Tuck's Rock Dojo. Together they have created what Tuck has always dreamed of, a place to make music, feel connected and be creative.

The Music Fest will give an opportunity to current and alumni dojo musicians to perform at an event big enough to house all of the people met on the journey.

Tuck's Rock Dojo is a music school providing musical education for all ages, focusing on private lessons, recordings and performance classes. The Dojo aims to inspire and educate students through the songs they like, teaches the discipline of working with others in a band, and gives them the opportunity and experience of playing in public.

The band has played venues all over the Upper Valley, including Norhtern Stage, Salt Hill Pub, Whaleback, Artistree and Town Festivals.